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True proximity means more than just short distances

Trützschler places great value on proximity to customers. This is evident in our regional commitment that enables us to be active where our customers are. We are thoroughly familiar with the local markets and can have a say – among other things because we adapt to the culture of the country concerned, and communicate in the language of the country.

Real proximity to our customers is not the result of a market analysis or corporate consulting. Rather, it is the result of respect and loyal cooperation that spans generations.

This creates a bond that demonstrates the real meaning of true proximity. 

For Truetzschler, lived proximity regarding region, subject and culture is not the result of the latest market analysis, or corporate consulting. In some cases it goes back as far as to our great-grandfathers, who already celebrated mutual successes together, overcame defeats, and set and reached new goals.

This creates unity, and shows once again that true proximity cannot be measured but only experienced.