Acting Sustainably

We invest a lot of energy – particulary in clever solutions.

When developing new technologies, our specifications include one aspect of great importance: low energy consumption. This not only increases the efficiency and economy of production, but is also an active contribution to a sustainable environmental protection.

Energy savings in the blow room
Here, the generation of exhaust air consumes the most energy. At the same level of production, Trützschler installations require 30% less air volume, allowing smaller filter systems and thus reducing operating costs.

Raw material yield
Trützschler installations are designed for optimal use of the valuable raw materials. Our engineers are literally fighting for each fibre.

Trützschler is part of the "Blue Competence" sustainability initiative. When developing our technologies and when manufacturing our products we make sure that they are kind to the environment, energy-efficient and spare resources.

A focus on human beings

Working together, achieving success together.

Being able to treat each other in a trustful and humane manner is very important to us at Trützschler. This is why we approach our customers and employees in a fair, open manner and with the greatest of respect.

We know what the requirements of our customers are and our close contact with them sets apart our approach from the rest. We don't speak of success until our customers have enjoyed success.

Our employees benefit from an atmosphere of trust, responsibility and freedom for the individual. After all, their expertise, their knowledge and ability is Trützschler's future.

Setting technological standards

Trützschler engineers have a keen understanding of everyday practice.

The art of engineering – a sophisticated concept. Trützschler uses it full of conviction and pride when describing the skills of our research and development team. This claim is backed by ample evidence: Frequently, in close cooperation with our customers, we implement future products that set technical standards.

Our development teams are made up of specialists for engineering, textile technology, ventilation technology, electro-technology, and sensor technology. They are supported by specialists for software, image processing and drive technology. Their creativity flows directly into innovative systems that, thanks to a high level of vertical integration and intensive practice tests, are not only trend-setting but also reliable.

The results can be experienced "live" in the Trützschler Technical Centers. They provide the possibility to test new applications or fibers, inspect machine types 1:1, and perform laboratory analyses.

Economically sound technology

The saying applies not just to mathematics: There is only one correct result.

Our sector is experiencing a demanding and challenging period: The development cycles in the markets become shorter and shorter; technological leadership must be measured by its ability to combine efficiency and quality. An impossible task?

Actually, the formula for success can be summed up simply as follows: How much does it cost to produce one kilogram of yarn or one square metre of nonwovens? Trützschler knows the answer. For this reason, we always arrive at the same result that pays off for you: Highest possible quality, efficiency, and productivity. This is what Trützschler stands for, and this is the focus of our entire experience and expertise. 

Those who base their calculation only on purchase costs also obtain a result – but unfortunately often the wrong one.

Always near you

True proximity means more than just short distances.

Trützschler places great value on proximity to customers. This is evident in our regional commitment that enables us to be active where our customers are. We are thoroughly familiar with the local markets and can have a say – among other things because we adapt to the culture of the country concerned, and communicate in the language of the country.

Real proximity to our customers is not the result of a market analysis or corporate consulting. Rather, it is the result of respect and loyal cooperation that spans generations. This creates a bond that demonstrates the real meaning of true proximity. For Truetzschler, lived proximity regarding region, subject and culture is not the result of the latest market analysis, or corporate consulting. In some cases it goes back as far as to our great-grandfathers, who already celebrated mutual successes together, overcame defeats, and set and reached new goals.

This creates unity, and shows once again that true proximity cannot be measured but only experienced.

Growth through values

To some, it is merely tradition. To us, it is the basis of successful business.

For Trützschler, these values are more relevant than ever. And this is not because we have a soft spot for the past, but because we know the importance of values for a successful future. From the time when Paul Heinrich Trützschler founded the company in 1888, corporate values have been the indicator of our actions.

This is why at Trützschler you will benefit from receptive ears, quick reactions, and accumulated know-how. But also from the fact that – in a very traditional way – we are true to our word.